Watching You Sleep At 3am

I want to be your sleeping hours,
So I can have such importance
That no alarm clock, no morning
Can ever force you to leave.

I want to be the caffeine
That keeps the cofee in your cup,
That no other food or drink
Can ever replace the sips that you take.

I want to be the LCD,
Of your cellphone and of your computer monitor,
That no other visual stimulation
Can ever replace the attention you give.

But I know,
You will always want your sleep,
You will always want your caffeine,
You will always want your LCD.

But not the one
Who’s watching you sleep.
What the heck with all the wanting?
I am unwanted to you, as I am to me.

Written by ihateme, edited by blue_kuko and first appeared on on 1st September 2004.

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