You see THAT girl, yeah her.  She seems so invincible right.  But just touch her and she’ll flinch. She has secrets and  she trusts no one. She’s the perfect example of betrayal, cause everyone she trustedbroke her. 

It’s so hard when you’re too sensitive, when you can clearly understand what they don’t, when you can see through things beyond what they can see, when a thing that doesn’t matter to them, matters so much to you, when little things affect you so much, but they wouldn’t care less, when they mean the world to you and to them you’re just an excess baggage, when everyone you’ve trusted betrayed you and the last persons in your life you’d least expect to do such, failed you.

She has issues, that probably, only she will ever understand.

But it wasn’t their fault, it’s hers for having so much faith in them and for believing every word they  said.  She learned her lessons.  Once a trust is broken and the person who broke the trust tried to regain it, never give it again cause there’s nothing more painful than trust broken the second time around.  The best way to prevent your heart from getting broken, is to act like you don’t have one.

In this world so full, you actually got no one but yourself.  But don’t be scared, because you have you.

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