Listen To Me, Coffee Man

I am against into any form of cheating, especially if it involves dishonesty in relationships. When you are with someone, you do your best to make the relationship work. If it doesn’t, you can say your goodbyes. You don’t jump to another boat while sailing your own, and you don’t simply sink your own just so you can jump to the next one that passes your way. Is your boat broken? Can’t it be fixed? If unfixable, maybe it’s time to abandon ship. If it floats beautifully and you pretend that yours is broken so you can have an excuse to jump to another boat – then I guess you are a complete asshole.

Remember, you are with someone, and you have your lives together – intertwined, I must say. Your choices are not just your own to be made and should be consulted with your significant other. You don’t simply throw it all away and leave the other person and go on alone with your selfish plans. You should exert effort to work things out with your partner. Give the other person the chance to show and prove that the relationship is worth both your time and love. If it doesn’t get any better after working things out, maybe it’s time to part ways. Both of you would then realize that it would be better to live separate lives. There would be no whys and what ifs after you both come into agreement to end what you have both started.

If you were the fortress during the storm before, don’t be the storm now to ruin everything. Be the person who is willing to let go. Respect each other’s decision after you part ways. A breakup is not a reason to demean the other. It doesn’t give you any right to award the person a ticket to hell.

Unless, of course, you are a complete moronic asshole.

I wrote this, dude, because I don’t want you to cheat on someone because of me. I know what she would feel if you cheat. I know all the trauma and drama she would face. The sleepless nights, the never-ending tears, and the pain like you were punched in the gut. The feeling of being sick even if you’re healthy, the paranoia, and the development of low self-esteem. The feeling of loneliness even if you’re surrounded with friends and family, the countless knives stabbed through your chest. She would experience all of that if your partner discovers your infidelity. Her own survival depends on how she braves the storm after the revelation.

I know all of this, dude, because I got out of hell recently.

And I’m never going back.

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