Kian Was Innocent

Kian was innocent. He was murdered in cold blood.

I work at home as a paid blogger and an admin to three different blog sites and 15 different Facebook accounts for over a year. I do this for the money and I was led to believe that we were fighting for a good and noble cause for the government. We, or at least I, was inspired by the talk given by a former actress and a gay attorney when we started this campaign. I hated the previous administration as much as I hated all the thieves that are still in power. That was my motivation to be part of the underground movement that supports the current government.  Will I stop? I cannot. I am so deep into this and they reward me well. But I know one day I will painfully pay all my crimes one way or the other. Do I regret this decision to blindly support the current government? Yes. If I could only turn back time, I would not have signed the non-disclosure agreement and privacy contract that they have given us and walked away.

I need to vent this out. They’d kill me once they learn who I am. But I am already dead, my morals, values, and ethics are already gone the moment the senseless killings started and innocent lives were caught in the crossfire.

I was once proud of all my blog sites. My employers are happy with thousands of web traffic hits that my content delivers every day. I have influenced countless Filipinos and moulded their opinions the way we have wanted to. But all of these don’t matter now.

Please free us from this vicious cycle. I cannot do anything anymore. But you can still do something. I may be dead tomorrow, or later after this post. But you are all still alive and you can still change things.

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