A Box of Concealers

One concealer a day
keeps the blue in my eyes away.

One piece of paper napkin
for a drop of tear;

A heart is broken
for a love unclear;

An ounce of lipcolor
to highlight the grin;

A centiliter of toner
to refresh my soaked skin;

A glass of milk
for the lies you made;

A bottle of sedative
for the years you faked.

In attempt to make you happy
I’ve become vain.

In the hope that you will like me
all I had was pain.

How long can my concealers stand your reality?

How much more can I take to make you love me?

(For carlo h., through love and hate)

Written by ms_byrne, edited by blue_kuko and first appeared on www.peyups.com on 17th September 2005.

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