Monthly Archive: March 2015

Am I too young for him? I wanted to have a kid with him. Im 23 and he’s 45, he’s cute for his age. I dont know but I’d rather want to have sex with him though he has his family.

A Secret Letter To My “Just Friend”

Dear “Just Friend”, No, you’re not going to read this on my blog. I’m not posting this because I’m afraid you’d drop by one day and read the only most embarrassing piece I’ve ever written about you. So I’m taking solace here as a secret author instead. I had fun last weekend when, for the second time around, we spent the night at our friend’s …

I wanted to kiss you when you stared at me with your body close to mine. But I was afraid that would be the end of our friendship when I know that nothing new and different would begin.

After you finish college degree and you expect that you’ll get a job because you came from UP only to find out that our country is sooo fucked up. Thank you NoyNoy Abnoy for fucking my country upside down. Also tell your sister Kris to go fuck herself.

I am tired of you. I want to leave you if it were not for our kids. My hate for you grows by the day. I’m sorr but I can’t take this anymore.

Vice Ganda is like, “holy shit, what the fuck is that twat doing on TV with all those stupid jokes.” Vice Ganda is a virus, she should be stopped. Do not ever reproduce, do humanity a favour – quit your job, play dead and shut the fuck up.

If only I can disown my brother because of all the wrong choices he made that fucked all our lives. Damn you bunso, I wish you were never my brother.

The December Wind

It is only in this time of year when Ashftzion, the great zephyr, passes the northern reaches and drags southward the snows of Saphreal. Man and elf-kind rejoice, branding it a season of conviviality and altruism, and beasts retire from their feral lives to take long slumber throughout the wintry occupation. But the lord of winds cares not for mortal happenings; he cares for but …

Listen To Me, Coffee Man

I am against into any form of cheating, especially if it involves dishonesty in relationships. When you are with someone, you do your best to make the relationship work. If it doesn’t, you can say your goodbyes. You don’t jump to another boat while sailing your own, and you don’t simply sink your own just so you can jump to the next one that passes your …